Top 5 Tips on How to Travel Light


The importance of travelling light, or carrying minimal stuffs, can never be emphasized enough. It can help you to travel more easily, tax your body much less and make the process of travelling less cumbersome. You can board trains and buses, and get away from bad locals and touts more easily. You can manage your luggage better and not have to pay extra at the airport for additional luggage. Plus, you can avoid unwanted attention from thieves and people with malicious intent. Here are top 5 tips on how to travel light.

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Get light bags
The weight of travelling bags, suitcases etc is a point that is often ignored. However, it is a fact that bags which are weightier in construction are often the cause for additional luggage expense at the airport and other places. Browse through online stores like and check the weight of the baggage that you intend to purchase. You will find some links that read visit this website to purchase the lightest baggage in the market or along similar lines. These are not to be dismissed. Click on the links, which generally direct users to online stores that stock some of the lightest bags and suitcases which are among the top picks for travelers. Many of these are branded stuffs, which stand for high quality and lighter construction.


Discard old suitcases
Although you might have got attached to them, it is a good idea to discard suitcases that weight over 4 kilograms. Many of the old suitcases are found to measure around 6 – 7 kg on the weighing scale. Invest on trendy and light suitcases, and you will find the investment worthwhile on your end. Many airlines permit just 20 kg luggage for every passenger and even less is allowed by some short distance flights. Naturally, it makes sense to not let the weight of emotional attachment have an impact on your pockets.


Carry only the indispensable stuffs
Try to make a list of all the essential stuffs that you would need during the trip. Many people have a habit of carrying almost their home during their journey, and all the trivial stuffs are also packed along with the important ones. Make sure that you avoid doing so. It is better if you can pack all the important items into a hand baggage. Some airlines offer discounts to fliers with hand luggage and you need to keep this factor in mind while packing for a journey.

Check the luggage allowance with the airport authorities and prepare for it beforehand. You can leave water bottles at home or empty them before boarding the flight. Even as little as 50 gm over the permissible limit can mean paying a lot in terms of penalty. You should keep this in mind and weigh your luggage before setting off for the airport.


Pack only the lightest items
Consider packing only the lightest items, whether in terms of clothing, accessories and other things such as shaving kits, cosmetic products, computers and the like. Choose only to travel with light items and leave all heavier stuffs behind. If you would only like to check emails on your laptop, you can safely leave it back home and use your smartphone to browse your inbox. If you wish to wear fancy clothes during your trip abroad, you can control that desire. Restrict your cosmetic items to only 3 – 4 items, as you can purchase make-up even abroad. When you plan and consider which of the items you can do without during the trip, you will be amazed at the overwhelming number of things you can leave at home.


Share the items
If you are travelling with a friend or family member who is going individually to the same destination, you can request him or her to take some of your belongings. If he or she is traveling much lighter than the permissible limit, you can get that person to carry some of your items and travel lighter yourself. Likewise, you can return the favor when you are coming back together. The ongoing economic crisis has compelled airlines to be stricter with luggage carrying capacity policies, and you have to travel lighter to abide by the rules – whether you like it or not.