The Vietnamese cuisine can be divided into 3 categories - North, Central and South. In terms of flavour the different regions can respectively be divided into salted, strong and sweet and spicy. At LêLê we draw inspiration primarily from the Northern and Southern cuisine, as our family originates from those parts.


For a number of years we have worked to present our interpretation of the Vietnamese kitchen. Our menu is based on modern and traditional Vietnamese dishes, and many of the recipes have been passed through the family from one generation to another. However we have taken the liberty of making a few adjustments to accommodate the local ingredients available.


Vietnamese cuisine is extensive, ranging from salads, soups, casseroles, grilled dishes and seafood products. The main ingredients are fish sauce, chili, lime, tamarind, lemon grass, coconut milk and coriander. However, one distinct feature in the Vietnamese kitchen is using smaller quantities of coconut milk and curry. Thus making this aspect of the cooking, markedly different from the surrounding countries.


In Vietnam it is customary to serve the bulk of the food with a plate of crisp lettuce and fresh herbs. The purpose of this is to make the food more fresh and digestible.


Bon appetite.