In 2003 documentary filmmaker Dan Säll began shooting a documentary film evolving around the lives and relations of the 4 LêLê siblings. In collaboration with DR, Säll embarked on a 3 year journey from Copenhagen to Saigon, filming and interviewing the LêLê family. The final project; 'De jyske vietnamesere' aired on Danish television channel DR2 on August 17th 2008. 

Resident artist Son Lê and artist Olga Reilly has created the different pieces of art work found at LêLê. 

Furthermore Son Lê has been responsible for creating the unique design that enhances the special atmosphere and ambiance at LêLê. Son Lê - a graphic designer by trade - has combined his design studies with an innate talent for painting and sculpturing. All original art works found at LêLê has been on demand for exhibitions in a variety of different gallerys ranging from New York to Saigon, to Copenhagen. 

Olga Reilly has undergone master studies in the ancient craft of fresco painting in Venice. She too has combined this with an inherent artistic talent to create the décor in LêLê's Tiger Bar. Olga currently resides in Copenhagen but travels frequently to continue her work that can already be found at venues in Tokyo, Los angeles and New York to name but a few. 

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