Healthy & sinful - LêLê´s Brunch buffet

  1. Every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 14.30 you can enjoy LêLê´s exquisite brunch buffet.

    The LêLê brunch is closed during the Summer. Last brunch day is 27 May 2012 and we will

    be opening again soon.

    Combine your brunch with healthy and sinful treats from Asia & Europe


    Japanese luxury:

    Lê maki w/ salmon, steamed tiger prawns, raw marinated salmon & fresh crab salad


    Chinese dim sum:

    Brioche w/ barbecue pork, rice cakes w/ shrimps & coconut milk, dimsum w/ shrimps


    Vietnamese treats:

    Wontons, Vietnamese spring rolls, marinated chicken skewers & chicken salad.


    Continental breakfast:

    Bacon, bite size sausages, scrambled eggs, potatoes w/ jalapenos, beans & salsa, smoked ham, tomato salad & cheese.


    Tempting desserts:

    Chocolate fondue, fresh fruit, marshmellows, american pancakes, yoghurt w/ berries & danish pastry.


    155,- per pers. / children 85,-